Run it back Aaron Donald appears to shrug off retirement tal

Run it back Aaron Donald appears to shrug off retirement tal

Maybe it was the 1942 talking?

Aaron Donald made pre-Super Bowl Michael Kopech Jersey 56 headlines when NBC's Rodney Harrison reported that the Rams defensive lineman would consider retirement if his team won the game.

While Donald has insisted that he was "living in the moment" and hadn't decided one way or another, we may have gotten an answer about his future during the Rams' victory parade Wednesday. When egged on by head coach Sean McVay to "Run it back" James Shields Jersey in 2022, Donald answered him fairly emphatically.

"RUN IT BACK, RUN IT BACK." Sean McVay and Aaron Donald have one thing on their mind at the parade.


"We built a superteam, Chicago White Sox Jersey we can bring the superteam back why not run it back?" Donald said. "We can be world champions again."


The shirtle s Donald concluded by pumping the Lombardi Trophy in the air.

Rams teammate Von Miller made it clear that he believed Donald would be back for another year, calling the feeling of winning a championship "addicting."

The pa s-rushing duo, along with Paul Konerko Jersey Leonard Floyd, wreaked havoc on the Bengals in the second half of Super Bowl 56, with Donald sealing the game with a near-sack of Cincy QB Joe Burrow.

Donald isn't the only person on the Rams whose future beyond the Super Bowl-winning season is still Nellie Fox Jersey murky: Rumors surrounding McVay have indicated that networks have made overtures for him to step away from the field and enter the broadcast booth, with McVay recently not turning down the idea.

"We'll see," he told the Los Angeles Times when it came to his future with the team.

Both McVay and Donald's words on Wednesday, though, sounded Lucas Giolito Jersey as if they may be returning for another run at a ring.

Stay hydrated, fellas.