Three Must-Know Ways to Fix Run-On Sentences in Your Essays


For certain some understudies acknowledge writing assignments as a complicated and daunting undertaking.

However, the reality is not what you are thinking. Essay writing is a simple cycle that you can easily follow to write astonishing essays.


In some cases, understudies could be witnessed asking their friends or mates to write my essays for me  since they (understudies) think that they cannot create essays that can stand out.


However, doing so could be considered perfect and recommended in certain cases. For instance, you can ask someone (your friend or a professional writer) to write my essay for me if you need additional opportunity for it. You can continue with such an option if you face difficulty conducting significant exploration or cannot cultivate solid areas for a statement.


Aside from this, understudies take essay writing as a critical and challenging undertaking since they cannot write sentences that obviously pass on the message. Consequently, they fail to write a masterpiece, which is the ultimate aim of every single student. However, don't feel worried you can hire  writing company for help, the following are key tricks/ways that can help you fix run-on sentences in your essays.


You can utilize these tricks during the writing framework as well as resulting to completing the essay.


Approaches to fixing Run-On Sentences in Your Essays


  1. Using commas and coordinating conjunctions


One of the most incredible approaches to fixing an unexpected spike in demand for sentence where two (2) independent statements are joined is by making utilization of a comma. Specifically, attempt to put a comma before your coordinating conjunction whenever you aim to join two (2) independent provisions with an appropriate coordinating conjunction.


To get a superior idea, give a glance at the following model;

  • Run-on sentence: My instructor reviewed my analytical essay and said that it is perfect.
  • Correction: My educator reviewed my analytical essay, and he said that it is perfect.


  1. Making utilization of semicolons


Remember; a colon or even a scramble can help an incredible arrangement to fix a particular kind of run-on sentence. However, this cannot be witnessed in all cases. It means that you need to realize "how to fix run-on sentences using semicolons". Since a semicolon can be involved with a transitional expression as well as alone. However; consistently remember that you will need to put a comma after the transitional expression. This wouldn't make a comma splice; as transitional expressions are not independent provisions. In this way, you would easily fix the sentence and would make it more understood and accurate.


To find out about how to utilize a semicolon to fix an unexpected spike in demand for sentence, see the following model.


  • Run-on sentence: My sister's little guy cried furiously I recognized she was excited.
  • Correction: My sister's little guy cried furiously; I recognized she was excited.

Correction (using a semicolon and transitional expression): My sister's little guy cried furiously; in this way, I realized he wanted something to eat.


  1. Restructuring a sentence through subordinating a statement


A good trick to fix an unexpected spike in demand for sentence is subordinating one of the statements if you find an independent condition that looks less significant than others. However, note that no subordinated condition could be found, independent. And to that end it couldn't stand isolated (as a total sentence).


To lay it out simply, consistently manage these issues whenever you are writing an essay or paper. If, if you cannot then continue to hire a professional essay writing company since making such critical mistakes while writing an essay or paper can never lead your efforts to stand out.