Thesis statements and topic sentences for synthesis essays: Simple yet effective approaches


Essay writing sometimes becomes tumultuous and compelling. If you are asked to write a synthesis essay, as part of your academic task, get ready for some hefty work at hand.

In the synthesis essay, the writer who will write my essay is supposed to include different sources to authenticate his argument. It remains important to note that the synthesis essay must incorporate these sources in a specified manner as asked in the essay prompt. There is another tip for making your synthesis essay look great. We know that topic sentences and thesis statement are important as well, therefore if you write these sentences in a carefully crafted manner you can ace the task of writing the synthesis essay. Following are some approaches to write a simple yet effective thesis statement and topic sentences.


 Be sure of the topic to be discussed

Before writing the synthesis essay, you need to be sure of the topic. The only tip to getting a strong understanding of the topic is to read more and more about the topic. Once read you will feel that you have a considerable amount of data to be presented in your essay. Now when you have analysed each aspect of the essay, start making your mind about the synthesis essay and it is the time to filter out every other thought from your mind since you are about to begin an important and compelling task.


Make an Outline

So, the first step in writing an essay is outlining. Make sure that your essay outline doesn’t overstretch the prompt provided for the essay. The outline must be self-explaining and must not stand in contrast to the prompt. Being an essay writer, you need to make sure that you are addressing every essential component asked in the essay prompt. Once developed go through your outline thoroughly and make sure that you have ample knowledge about things you are about to discuss in the essay.


 Develop your topic sentences like the Outline

Topic sentences are important, and you need to make sure that none of the topic sentences contrasts with the outline. Topic sentences must need to be attractive and engaging for the readers. Once you have an outline you will face no difficulty in developing the topic sentences. If you are facing issues in developing the topic sentences you can find any cheapest essay writing service for this task. After you have written the topic sentences, now it is the to expand further on your essay.


Don’t make any guess beyond your thesis argument

One of the effective approaches to making topic sentences is that don't make any guess beyond what you have argued in the thesis statement. It remains important to note that synthesis essay is about mentioning the different aspect of a similar topic and if you make any wrong guess, it might complicate the writing. Given the nature of this sort of essay, it remains suggestive that one must not make any guess that stands in contrast to the large theme of the essay and the thesis statement.


Revise and Proofread the essay 

It is the last step in writing the thesis statement. When you are done writing the topic sentences and your essay it is now the time to proofread and revise your essay. the first thing you can do is to revise the essay for an essential grammatical or tense related error. In the second step, you will be proofreading the essay for syntax and run-on sentences.  You can also hire essay writer from “EssayWriterNow” for proofreading. Finally, just give a thorough review of your essay and the task is ready.