A Drunken Scene with a Smile

And prepare other attacks, and deal with Song Ziwen, once the elder brother you allow,fine bubble diffuser, to the elder brother you said when the conditions are ripe, see I do not kill them. Volume two, chapter two hundred and eighty-five clap flat.

I was a little surprised when the carriage stopped in front of the Bihe Garden. After getting off the bus, I looked up and saw the red silk on the lintel, and I realized that this was a special place to entertain visitors. Apart from his colleagues in the officialdom, Prince Chu also made a lot of friends in Jianghu. Where can I live in Jingwangfu? The best inn in the capital can also be a home away from home. A man who looked like a housekeeper came up to meet him. He took the red note from Nongyue's hand and looked at it. He leaned over and said, "The little prince has given special orders. Master Mirage, please move to Jingwangfu." Forty-five wedding Xing Xuan is not at home. To be exact, he is at his father-in-law's house. Just arranged our accommodation here. Deep house courtyard, everywhere red also quiet a lot. At the insistence of Nongyue, the doctor left me a prescription to prevent colds, and the thick medicinal aromatherapy made me very excited and reminded me of another important thing. Tomorrow is the auspicious day of the big wedding, has not returned the gold ornaments in the package to the original owner, although Princess Jing used this to exchange the jade bracelet of the moon, but the heirloom is indeed true, can not be passed to Yan Ran by me. For the first time, when I saw Shangguan Lingfeng, I was excited from the bottom of my heart. Father, "this specific name is called by me more and more smoothly, I put the gold lock and gold bracelet in front of Shangguan Lingfeng:" Please return to Princess Jing. " Shangguan Lingfeng looked at me and shook his head. "Go and give it to her yourself." Without waiting for me to speak, he sighed: "It seems that I am really old, more and more do not understand what you are thinking.". Xing Xuan is willing to marry Mu Yan ran, but not to marry you. Looking at Shangguan Lingfeng, I couldn't help laughing: "Your daughter doesn't have this charm. It's useless to sigh." "Charm?"? I don't think you lack this. Shangguan Lingfeng gave me a sidelong glance and said, "Just because of that runaway marriage, Xingxuan knelt outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation for five days and five nights before the emperor withdrew his order to capture you for marriage.". Not yet relieved, Jingwangfu received the imperial edict of marriage, before this, Chu Wang Ye did not know anything, it can be seen that the emperor was very angry. Later, Xing Xuan volunteered to go to war,rotary vacuum disc filters, and the marriage was delayed. Up to now.. Alas, it doesn't matter if you don't say it, it serves to show that the child is a very affectionate person. How can you be so ignorant as to stir up a mess? "Yes, it's a mess." The smile on my face is very stiff: "You say so, I have no face to see Princess Jing.". In this way, you help me pass it on to Uncle Chu, and when it's over, I'll go home with you. Shangguan Lingfeng was stupefied: "What does it mean to go home?" "Literally.". I will stay with you and not go anywhere. I lowered my head to avoid Shangguan Lingfeng's probing eyes: "All the messy accounts will be solved naturally." The auditorium the next evening. Xing Xuan stood in the middle of the crowd, unperturbed. It was the first time I had seen him in bright red, and the first time I had seen him with his hair in his crown. The outline of the face is exposed, not as slender and thin as usual, handsome facial features with a bit of heroism. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He seemed to be aware of something. He looked at me, winked and smiled softly. There was no haze at all. I smiled back and nodded. In my mind, what lingers is still the young man sitting on the roof smiling in the sunshine, but in a twinkling of an eye, lamella tube ,multi disc screw press, it seems like a lifetime ago. Lion dance, gongs, firecrackers, smoke. Xing Xuan and I looked out of the door at the same time. The eight-person sedan chair wobbled, stopped, and landed slowly. The setting sun is like fire, red everywhere. Xi Niang helped Yan Ran, bright red Luo skirt, wind crown rosy clouds, almost connected with the red clouds behind her. Xi Niang put a piece of red silk in her hand, stepped back and saluted Xing Xuan. Xing Xuan came forward and stopped beside Yan Ran, shooting three arrows, one arrow pointing to the sky, praying for heaven's blessing; one arrow pointing to the ground, wishing to tie the knot; one arrow pointed to the distance, meaning a long time. Put down the jade bow, take the other end of the red silk, step by step, the bride into the auditorium. The gate closed slowly behind them. One worships heaven and earth, two worships the high hall. Yan ran chest, simple and unsophisticated gold lock gently shaking. The red candle shines high, the flowers are beautiful and the moon is full. In such a scene, everyone can't help smiling. Xing Xuan's smile seemed to be frozen on her face. Husband and wife worship each other and the ceremony is completed. Xing Xuan picked up the weighing pole, and all the guests present held their breath and followed his hand closely. Raised in the boudoir, but can be famous all over the world, it is hard to avoid speculation. However, the beauty of Yan Ran will never let people down. I looked around with a smile, and finally looked at the moon, but with that pair of clear eyes. There was a loud noise and the door of the auditorium was broken open. Several figures flashed in, two men and two women. Black clothes of the same color. Dark red silk satin at the front and waist. On the left sleeve, there is no other red flame embroidery. The four protectors of Xuanhuo Palace. Morning, neon clothes, phantom, red phoenix. The auditorium was silent. Lianchen took a step forward and said, "Lord Chu, the Xuanhuo Palace has come to congratulate you." All eyes were focused on him, and no one noticed the light tremor of the handkerchief on the bride's head beside Xingxuan. Under the sleeve of the red robe, the red silk was tightly wrapped around Yan Ran's hand, and she was still dragging it fiercely, as if to embed the red into the flesh and blood. "What about this exultation? The king has no deep friendship with Xuanhuo Palace." Chu Tianqi kept his countenance. That's not a bad thing. Lianchen smiled disapprovingly and said, "It's just that Lord Pei owes the little prince a favor. He has ordered us to come and send a gift. Please accept it with a smile." With that, he raised his hand and a long mahogany box crossed in front of him. He lightly buckled the hidden lock, and the moment he opened the box, the silver light was everywhere. Tianlu Divine Blade. Lian Chen smiled and did not say much. There was a sound of inhaling all around. Chutian Qi is dumb. Xing Xuan's face is expressionless. Qingyang, Yuehua and Qixing are the best in the world. Any sword in hand can be worth decades of martial arts. Legend has it that these three swords are only the sub-swords of Tianlu Shenjian, and Shenwei is handed down from its mother sword. Just imagine, it is difficult to meet an opponent who only has a tiny share. Who can not be surprised when the real body comes out? Lianchen closed the wooden box and put it in the hands of the stupefied master of ceremonies. Then he took out a small gold box, waved his hand,Belt Filter Press, and several shadows flew out quickly. The candles in the auditorium were extinguished in an instant. At the same time, the gold box opened and the streamer poured out with the morning as the center. In a twinkling of an eye, the auditorium was almost the same as in the daytime. khnwatertreatment.com