Long live my female emperor.

Seeing that it was almost time, Luo Keke quickly pulled out the willow silk and wrapped it around her arms.

Seeing that it was almost time, Luo Keke quickly pulled out the willow silk and wrapped it around her arms. Xiahou Xinfeng was startled, thinking that this was a special way to play, but then her face turned black, because Luo Keke really simply tied her up, wicker silk wrapped around her wrist, black silk spread along the arm to the whole body, she was surrounded. Luo Keke clapped his hands, got down from her with a proud face, and stood on the edge of the bed smiling at that bitch. Oh, my little Xinxin, you have been tied up sometimes. How about it? Feel the power of wicker. Don't struggle. If I hurt you again, I will feel heartache. You are busy with state affairs every day. Take advantage of it and have a good sleep now. Sleep like that. As he spoke, he raised his eyebrows and looked proud. Luo Keke! Xiahou Xinfeng gnashed his teeth. How dare you be naughty when you have sex? Do you know how serious the consequences are? Luo Keke disagreed. "But I just don't want to today." "I could have let you go, but it was too late!" Xiahou Xinfeng's eyes sank, and the black silk wrapped around her body rushed to Luo Keke in an instant. As soon as her face changed, she ran to the door. At the door, she was slipped by the floor mat and fell to the ground, pressing the pain in her chest! Behind her, Yin Qi approached, and Xiahou Xinfeng walked slowly to her side. Still running? Willow silk has come back, cowardly completely no response, pig brain, ah, how did she forget that willow silk is used Xiahou Xinfeng's ghost blood immersion, according to this relationship, that is also its master, ah, more importantly, Xiahou Xinfeng is more powerful than her own real master, this coward immediately can not be strong. Looking at the sense of oppression behind him, Luo Keke was also a little weak. That one I just want to try the power of wicker silk, no other meaning, after all, those evil factions are very powerful demons and ghosts, do not take powerful ghosts to try what can not be tried, you are awesome. Xiahou Xinfeng squatted beside her, reached out to touch her head and asked, in a faint tone: "Have you finished the trial?"? Can we go to bed now? Luo Keke: "…" He broke out in an inexplicable cold sweat, and the next second he was picked up at the waist and thrown back on the bed. You bastard, you have no interest at all. Xiahou Xinfeng raised her eyebrows lightly: "Eh?"? It turns out that my Ake likes fun, so I'll satisfy you. Without waiting for Luo Keke to resist, her hands were raised to the top of her head and tied up. She looked up and her face turned white. Nima, I tied you with wicker silk, but you tied me with a bone whip. What about the true love? Looking at Luo Keke's desperate appearance, Xiahou Xinfeng's face did not respond, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible bulk containers, her heart was already alive and kicking, she was not really angry, but felt that this kind of play was very interesting. Because she was sure that Rococo's ability could not escape her hands at all! "Ake, you are so cute." With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she lowered her head and kissed her delicate lips. The kiss spread from the corners of her mouth to her ears. She said softly, "Ake, what did you call me just now?" Luo Keke's chest rose and fell slightly, his face turned red, and he pursed his lips and shouted softly, "Xin Xin.." Or Feng Feng? Which one do you like? "I like it all, as long as you shout." "Do you dare to answer when I call Mrs. Luo?" Xiahou Xinfeng sneers: "Dare to answer, Xiahou madam." Luo Keke is in tears. Do you want to be each other's wife? "Be good, don't make trouble, I want you." Xiahou Xinfeng blurred voice sounded in the ear, with a seductive pick. Amuse 。 Luo Keke has no love in his life. He has been tied up by you. Then come on. Xiahou Xinfeng was about to take the next step when her cell phone rang, and the atmosphere on the bed suddenly stagnated, and her face darkened. Luo Kekete was speechless. The phone call came at a bad time. Suddenly, she remembered something. She twisted her body and struggled and said, "Xiahou Xinfeng, you let me go first. What if it's Huadeng Taoist?" Xiahou Xinfeng was displeased: "What about Xin Xin?" Your uncle! My Xin Xin, I beg you, hurry up! I love you. Luo Keke is in a hurry. Only then did Xiahou Xinfeng hold back the emotion in her body, get up, take back the bone whip, and throw the mobile phone to her. Luo Keke looked at the caller's number, which was a strange number, and immediately picked up the phone. "Oh, Luo Keke, hurry to save me, Diao Wen wants to kill me, you hurry to let Xiahou Xinfeng save me!" An urgent voice came from the other end. As soon as he heard this posture, Luo Keke confirmed that he was a Taoist of Huadeng. Where are you now? She asked nervously. C city, C city, hurry up. With that, the phone hung up. She quickly turned to Xiahou Xinfeng and said, "Huadeng Taoist is in C city. Hurry to let the ghost guards protect him." "Let him die." Xiahou Xinfeng cold face spit out such four words, good love was interrupted, can be happy? It's kind of nice not to kill him directly. Embarrassed, Luo Keke touched his nose and said, "Maybe God won't let us have sex in the daytime." "If it hadn't been for you, it would have been over." Xiahou Xinfeng glared at her. Blame me? Xiahou Xinfeng has no place to scatter, can only get up and shake off her sleeves and leave, before she came over when she had sent the ghost guards to find the flower Dengdao people, now that it is clear in C city, it is directly over there to look for. Luo Keke dialed the number of Huadeng Taoist, but no one answered. She was a little nervous. Now she was really afraid that Diao Wen would use Huadeng Taoist to hurt her engagement with Xiahou Xinfeng. Thinking about it, she finally couldn't sit still, so she packed up and left for C city. After a bumpy journey, Luo Keke rushed to C City and received a call from Huadeng Taoist as soon as he found a hotel to check in. Luo Keke,plastic pallet crates, I'm in the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs. I'm surrounded. Hurry to save me. You won't be cruel to me. Hurry up. My life is in your hands. Huadeng Taoist gasped and begged. Which location? Can't you send me a location? Luo Keke immediately picked up his coat and ran out of the room. Huadeng Taoist hung up the phone and then sent a location. Luo Keke took a look, put on his coat and stopped a car on the side of the road and went straight to the place. The closer the distance, the more remote the location. binpallet.com