Cloud maniac

Hua Mengying looked at her happily, her chest was soft, and suddenly felt that if she could feed her all the time and play with her, it seemed to be her greatest happiness.

Hua Mengying looked at her happily, her chest was soft, and suddenly felt that if she could feed her all the time and play with her, it seemed to be her greatest happiness. Chapter 43 come to the door. In the next few days, the whole capital of Chu was eerily calm. On the night of sending the bell, the willow blade packed the heads of Szeto Bailei and others in a big bag and threw them into the Szeto family in the middle of the night, causing the Szeto family to be frightened all night. The next day, the matter was quietly suppressed. The Sseto family never mentioned the death of Sseto Bailei. The people on the street were still amazed. Did the third son of the Stu family change his temper? Why don't you come out to bring disaster on one side? Liu Xiang's intelligence network, however, found out that the Situ family had sent out several members that night to rush to all parts of the mainland of Longzhou. One of them went to the Bai family in the north with a bulging bundle. Yanyu Lou Yunji stage time is approaching, celebrities from all walks of life slowly up, the streets and alleys of Chujing often see many extraordinary childe Confucian scholars. In the quiet days before the storm, Yunkuang was not bored. Instead, he spent every day in the Merlin in the West Garden of Prince Liu's Mansion and accompanied Hua Mengying to play the piano. By the way, he taught Hua Mengying a lot of modern songs. Hua Mengying was very interested in these novel songs. Listening to her singing was like a treasure, and she learned quickly. As a result, elegant and beautiful songs are often heard in the garden. The clear voice of Hua Mengying is indescribably sexy and pleasant to listen to. Yunkuang hears it loudly and shouts happily. A beautiful man who is absolutely a superstar in modern times performs for her alone. How can he not make people feel comfortable! The two of them also sang a song together from time to time, and the direct result was that the four girls of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting got up from bed early every morning and kept their ears up at the gate of the garden for a whole day. Hua Mengying spent all day in Liu Wangfu, but Tan Taiqin and Tan Taiqingqing seemed to have both turned into stuffy gourds. They stayed in the misty rain building all day, and there was no echo at all. Although Yunkuang asked Liu Xiang to send someone to stare at them, he didn't care much about it. Such a freehand life lasted for more than ten days. Early this morning, Yun Kuang came to the Merlin in the West Garden as usual. He looked at Hua Mengying and smiled. After breakfast, he reviewed the song of Xiao Ao Jianghu that he had practiced yesterday. But after a while, Chin walked in quickly with a strange look. Playboy, there's a boy in red looking for you outside the door. As she spoke, she quietly gave Yunkuang a hint with her eyes. Cloud crazy eyes flash, slightly nodded, yesterday Liu Xiang Chuanshu said to find out that the Leimen family young master is about to arrive in Chujing, did not expect to come to the door early this morning. "It's Ah Hsiao. Why is he here?" Hua Mengying exulted! We haven't seen each other for a long time. Do you remember him? "Of course I remember. I remember you were jealous of Mengying's brother." "Yun Kuang narrowed his eyes and smiled, only to make Hua Mengying blush with a handsome face. He touched her head reproachfully and stared." Nonsense This sentence he actually said is very guilty, these days and cloud crazy has been together, is a lifetime has never been happy, no longer is the kind of shallow attracted feelings, if cloud crazy to Lei Xiao very affectionate, he may not feel sour. Then let's go and see brother Ray. Holding his arm in his green robe, side impact beams ,side impact beams, Yun laughed wildly. Hua Mengying listened to her clear voice called Lei Xiao "Brother Lei" but called himself "Brother Mengying". Somehow, her heart was inexplicably carefree, and her eyes were very happy and proud. "Well," she said, and her mood and pace were happy. The two of them walked quickly to Yunkuang's room. Chess, books, and paintings had already brought people in to make tea and entertain them. They had been waiting for a long time. As soon as they entered the room, Yunkuang saw the bright colors that were expected to attract people's attention. A fiery red man with a golden dagger hanging from his waist. He was tall and tall, with black hair reaching his waist. His hair was tied into a ponytail by a red gold ring with a golden ribbon. His facial features were like a knife. He was handsome and handsome. His healthy wheat complexion was full of wildness. And the indifferent flower dream shadow is completely two extreme types, but the same splendor, Lei Xiao is much taller than eight years ago, more robust, all over the body is the charm of a mature man. Cloud crazy quite appreciate the place nod, Lei Xiao's wild and willow blade is different, willow blade's wild is like a lone wolf from the north, more cold and arrogant, and Lei Xiao, but like a cheetah in the African jungle, with a fiery. As soon as Fang entered, Yunkuang suddenly felt three extremely cold lines of sight, with deep exploration and observation, instantly locked every part of her body, as if to see through her whole person. Her heart moved slightly, but her face was silent and she seemed to be unaware of it. Cloud crazy mind swept away, and the sensitive five senses after stepping into the purple bamboo realm had let her know the source of her sight. It was the three men behind Lei Xiao who were shrouded in black clothes all over their bodies. They wore black bamboo hats on their heads and could not see their age geometry. That elite eyesight wore out the black veil that blocked her face to shoot on her body, and these people's martial arts were not below the realm of green bamboo! Cloud crazy can not help but secretly surprised, this is absolutely the master of Leimen Family Green Bamboo Hall! There is even a man who has reached the realm of blue bamboo and is an elder! Unexpectedly, the Leimen family took this matter so seriously and sent such a person. But even so, she is also full of confidence, secretly laughed, more than ten days ago, such three people may not be able to affect me, now, I can kill you with one hand! The three men in black stared at the cloud for a long time, but found nothing unusual, so they took their probing eyes back one after another. Meng Ying! You are here! Lei Xiao saw two people coming, laughed loudly, stepped forward and hugged Hua Mengying mercilessly. Friends who had not seen each other for many years were naturally very happy to meet at this time. Take it easy. Your uncle will whip you for murdering your second brother. Hua Mengying smiled faintly, only in front of his close relatives and friends would he relax like this. Lei Xiao loosened his shoulder and complained, "You just don't care about people!"! I went to find the third brother,stainless steel 304 pipes, but I don't know which girl dumped him. He was stimulated and stayed in the misty rain building every day and refused to come out. You don't care about your brother at all, but you are happy here and don't persuade him! By the way, are you here to see Yunkuang's brother? Where is he? I haven't seen him for a long time. 。