Humiliation of identity

Suddenly she felt a curious and inquisitive look on her body, she looked up, and what she saw was the black figure of the driver, who was looking at her and God with a playful face.

Suddenly she felt a curious and inquisitive look on her body, she looked up, and what she saw was the black figure of the driver, who was looking at her and God with a playful face. It was all his fault that he had just said that he would be jealous, and that everyone thought it was because of her that the Great God did not help the proud VS butterfly. She stuck out her tongue and glared at him mercilessly before the Great God asked: Blue Moon Tears: "Why don't you help Ao VS Die?"? Don't pay attention to the man in black! I will never be jealous, I swear! When Yueyue said these words again, she just didn't raise her hand and swear in front of the computer screen. She didn't want others to think that it was because she was taken care of, so he didn't help Ao VS Butterfly to fight! Besides, she is still very self-aware, but others are the first beauty, he can only be regarded as a dog's tail grass! Originally she did not expect the Great God to answer herself, but as soon as the news was sent, her private chat channel flashed, and she clicked on it to see the words of the Great God: Bloody temptation: "Madam means that you don't care if you go to fight other women's martial arts for your husband, do you?" Yueyue felt a chill rising from the soles of her feet to her neck. She shivered violently. She didn't know if she had been framed by God, so she had persecutory paranoia! She always felt that when the great God said this sentence, he was clenching his teeth and spitting it out word by word. It can be said that every word reveals the atmosphere of danger! After thinking of this,38 needle valve, she hurriedly said to the Secret God: Blue Moon Tears: "Great God, I am wronged!"! ~ ~ I didn't mean that! At this time, Yueyue looked at the computer screen with a face of grief and indignation, and the three children in the dormitory thought she had a fever! Then Boa jumped over and touched her forehead, then reported to the other two: "No fever, the temperature is normal!" " Then she jumped back to her seat and hid in a corner of the arena to continue reading gossip! Anluofei looked at the words on the screen with a strong sense of grievance, his mouth slightly upturned,pipe fittings manufacturer, the girl always has a way to make her mood better quickly, look at her now, it is estimated that she has been scared a lot recently, a little fear, he smiled and hit a sentence: Bloody Temptation: "What is the meaning of what your wife said just now?" After seeing the great God finally speak again, Yueyue hurriedly flattered and said: Blue Moon Tears: "Great God, I mean, Ao VS Butterfly is also our help, right?"? But also a girl, for her level of 10 is really too much! Will you fight for her? Yueyue really can't bear to see the first beauty's charming body commit suicide level 10, ah, it is estimated that if that is the case, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, the hearts of the handsome men watching here will be broken! After saying a long string of words in one breath, she wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. As soon as the words were spoken, the great God sent them without any room for conversion. Bloody temptation: "I refuse!" "Why?" She pouted. Bloody temptation: "I think she should be taught a lesson, otherwise she always thinks the world revolves around her!" " Speaking of this, Anluofei remembered what Anxuan had said when she asked herself to help take care of her. While Yueyue and Daishen were arguing there, the man in black, who had been forgotten by them, opened his mouth with a smile and said, "Oh, you don't have to die as much as level ten!" When Yueyue heard this, she looked up at him gratefully and thought to herself, "This man is really a good man!"! When a group of onlookers heard his words, they were all ready to praise him. This guy is really a good man who cherishes her! But before the words of praise could be spoken, they were blocked by his next sentence. Only heard him lightly said again: "In fact, the death of four, five almost!" " As soon as this remark was made, Yueyue's hand holding the mouse shook violently, which directly caused the game characters on her screen to stagger at their feet. If it hadn't been for the great God beside her pulling her in time, she would have fallen to the stage and broken her bones even if she didn't die! The Great God pulled her up and frowned and said, "Why are you so careless?" She has black lines all over her head. Can you blame her? Who knew that guy would suddenly say something like that. She just thought he was a good man! The Great God looked up coldly at Ao VS Butterfly after saying Yueyue: "Haven't you made a decision yet?" Looking at Ao VS Butterfly standing there with a pale face, the men who usually beat her to death did not dare to come out to plead for mercy, and the gang cadres who usually took good care of her did not dare to speak. Looking at the sullen face of their gang leader, they did not have the courage to challenge his temper. Although it is right to pity the beauty, but between the beauty and the gang leader, they will definitely choose the latter without saying a word! Looking at the great God's face with a faint sign of anger, the group of children are silent onlookers, to avoid accidentally touching his anger. Yueyue looked at the proud butterfly who was about to cry with a worried face. She clenched her cherry lips and said, "I chose to commit suicide!" As soon as this remark was made, there was an uproar. I didn't expect that she would choose this, because for her current level of more than 80, she would have to practice for several days to die. If she agreed to marry the friend of the man in black, it would be impossible to divorce again. At least that would not drop the level! Yueyue wanted to say something, but the Great God interrupted her directly and said, "Then, as he said, level five!"! Hanlin Bachelor, you come to help her drop the grade! Looking at the crowd below, the man named by himself wanted to hide. The Great God smiled coldly at the corners of his mouth and said, "I saw you. Are you still ready to run?" The Hanlin scholar named by the Great God was like a frosted eggplant at this time. He came out of the crowd and said with an embarrassed smile, "Boss,12 needle valve, where did you go? How could I run away?" Hanlin scholar walked to the small white face of the proud VS butterfly side, quietly in the heart secretly muttered: "I'm sorry beauty ah!"! It's not that Xiaosheng doesn't take pity on her, but that I can't do anything about the things that the eldest brother decides.