The CEO's affair

When the phone rang, Ling Yanhong frowned, who came to him again at this time? Or looking for Gong Shichen?

When the phone rang, Ling Yanhong frowned, who came to him again at this time? Or looking for Gong Shichen? "Hello?" Lazy and not easy to provoke the voice, the end of no one to speak, Ling Yanhong did not feel no patience. Who, don't wear down my patience! Immediately Ling Yanhong was about to make a gesture to hang up the phone, and finally the sound of Wen Ke's crying was reflected in his eardrums. Advertising space ④ (shortcut key:) 5330060.html Previous index. HTML. Return to Table of Contents (shortcut key: Enter) 5330062.html Next page (shortcut key:) Part 1 Chapter 73 Meet Zhuang Wentian Again (1) Ling Yanhong's face has become more and more difficult to look at, because of Luowenke, because he has changed the heart song. The mood that had just risen slightly because of Gong Shichen was already a little irritable when he heard the voice of Luo Wenke, but he didn't show it immediately. Yan Hong, I'm hurt. I sprained my foot! Can you come here for a moment? In the faint groan, Luowen's voice, appears so aggrieved and helpless, Ling Yanhong's face contradictory and complex look spread, for Luowen can not have any feelings, it is impossible, it is impossible to give up all of a sudden,Flush Retrofit Kit, although resentful, hate, pain, but because once deeply loved. Gong Shichen habitually called a taxi and rushed to his long-lost home. Thinking of seeing his father, Gong Shichen decided to buy some gifts to take with him first. After choosing some supplements and buying some fruits, Gong Shichen made a phone call to his eldest brother Gong Shichen when he was approaching the door of Gong's villa. Gong Shijun came up early,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, with a touch of joy and guilt on his face, looking at Gong Shichen who had bought so many things to bring over, with some heartache on his face: "Don't mention these things next time. It's heavy and tired. There's everything at home!" Gong Shichen looked up and saw the faint heartache and guilt on his eldest brother's face, and instinctively showed a relaxed smile to cover it up. Gong Shijun did not ask Ling Yanhong, but took the fruit basket and looked at Gong Shichen, who was wearing a hat: "How is it?"? Does it still hurt? Why didn't you tell me and Dad before? Gong Shichen did not want to say that she had forgotten, perhaps because Ling Yanhong had been around, she simply did not tell her father and eldest brother, at that time they were only worried, thinking of eldest brother and father to see Ling Yanhong color, Gong Shichen would rather not tell them. Isn't it all right now? It's all right. Don't worry. Gong Shichen some embarrassed rubbing hands, the bottom of my heart curious, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, how father and eldest brother know she was injured, is such a thing also published in the newspaper? "If Mr. Chuang hadn't mentioned it, I'm afraid we'd still be in the dark!" Gong Shijun complained unsatisfactorily about his sister's forbearance alone. Obviously, they personally sent Gong Shichen to Ling Yanhong's side, but now they feel like a sinner. Especially Gong Shijun, knowing that his sister once liked Ling Yanhong, would have such a suggestion, as he wished, Gong Shichen agreed. However, not as he thought, Ling Yanhong will not fall in love with his sister, Ling Yanhong's eyes only that kind of perfect woman! Gong Shijun was in a heavy mood, but Gong Shichen was more relaxed and comfortable than him. Maybe she had given up her marriage. Maybe she thought it was worth it. So she didn't complain about anyone. She chose it voluntarily at the beginning. "Who is Mr. Chuang?" Gong Shichen asked Gong Shijun with some curiosity, and a name came out of his mind, Zhuang Wentian? Because only Zhuang Wentian knew that she was injured! "It's Zhuang's Shaodong Zhuang Wentian!" When Gong Shijun said this, he had already taken Gong Shichen to the living room on the first floor of the villa, and Gong Shichen was curious about how Zhuang Wentian told her father that she was injured, and looked around the living room and asked curiously: "Where is Dad?" At this time, Gong Shichen found that Gong Shijun's expression seemed to be abnormal, some of them were covered up, but there was still some comfort for Gong Shichen's language: "When Dad went out to travel, he touched his leg. It's not very convenient. Come here. They're waiting for you in the back garden!" Gong Shichen was first shocked by the news that Gong Shijun said. What happened to his father's leg? When was he injured? He didn't tell her? "Don't worry, Dad only has a slight fracture in his left leg and will be able to walk in a month!" When Gong Shijun saw his sister hurrying out, he couldn't help comforting her. The last time Gong Jialiang went out with an elderly tour group to relax, he accidentally broke his leg. He didn't dare to tell Gong Shichen. He was afraid that she was worried for a while. Second, he was ashamed to let her add more troubles. In the back garden, the tall figure set off by the beige casual clothes was pushing the wheelchair. The tall and straight figure was Zhuang Wentian's. Gong Jialiang, who was sitting in the wheelchair, was obviously enjoying the scenery in the garden with Zhuang Wentian. It seemed that her father was not as serious as she had imagined. Just did not expect to suddenly meet Zhuang Wentian here, Gong Shichen some surprise at the same time, just understand that the eldest brother said that they were waiting for her in the back garden. Dad "" When Gong Shichen walked past, he first glanced at Gong Jialiang's legs, then turned his eyes to Zhuang Wentian's face and shouted respectfully: "President!" Gong Shijun and Gong Jialiang were slightly stunned by Gong Shichen's name. They felt embarrassed and hot on their faces. It seemed strange to call him president in a hurry. The elegant smile on Zhuang Wentian's face was still the same, but the faint joy in his eyes gave people an illusion that he was waiting for her to come. Shichen, we meet again! Zhuang Wentian greeted politely, so that people can not see his mind, of course, including Gong Shichen,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, also think that this is just a coincidence! Advertising space ④ (shortcut key:) 53,30061.html Previous index. HTML. Return to Table of Contents (shortcut key: Enter) 5330063.html Next page (shortcut key:) Part 1 Chapter 73 Meet Zhuang Wentian Again (2) "Shichen, do you know General Manager Zhuang?" 。